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No fear of overstepping those who reblogged the anon drama. On the contrary, I feel that by not only finally letting it be known that I am beyond caring but by others taking a stand, it shows a unite front against such ridiculous bs. I won’t pretend that I wasn’t cheered a bit with the support as well, but I know that I stayed silent for a long time too; I don’t want anyone to feel trapped or silenced due to the opinion of others. I’ve been there but have since developed an attitude of ambivalence.

Everyone will develop an opinion of others by what they post online, but the truth is, unless you have met them, talked to them, and developed a relationship with them (and sometimes not even then), you do not know them. You don’t know their true traumas & triumphs, their hopes & dreams, their disappointments & reality. If we all approach each other with the respect of simple kindness, imagine how much happier of a place tumblr, and the world over for that matter, could be.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
So you're back then and still using your niece to get attention. Pathetic but I wouldn't have expected anything else really. When are you going to realize that no one cares? You are NOBODY and never will be.
loveunderlockandkey loveunderlockandkey Said:

Well anon, at this point in my tumblr/online life, I only have one thing to say:

You can fuck right off.

I’ve tried being polite, I’ve fought back (and had my personal life and career attacked for my trouble), and have even ignored, mostly to no avail. I don’t take personal attacks personally anymore because honestly… you are a faceless coward behind a computer screen. (Well perhaps not faceless as I’m fairly 99% sure I know who you are, but I digress.)

I’m sorry you life isn’t going as planned. I’m sorry that you feel attacking people you’ve never met is a good use of your limited time on Earth. Most of all, I am sorry that it takes attempting to destroy someone else to make you feel better about what I can only assume is a very sad and unfulfilling life you feel stuck in.

In short, if it makes you feel better, attack on. Obviously I have your attention, so as an “attention-seeker”, I must be doing something right. ;-)

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Alexa - “You be Lovejoy, I’ll be Gibbs, and we can fight for the hand of a Lady Jane! *pause* You know what I mean!”

And this is AFTER 7 months apart! :-D

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