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The new, patented, Mary Berry Cake Baking Failure Rating System. Running from the ubiquitous 'It's a little bit dry', right through to the death-knell of shop-bought fondant, Mary has an expression for any baking malady.


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Thinking about how far Gillian Anderson has come in her career. She’s truly an inspiration.


So.. a LOT of people have been emailing / tweeting / facebooking about the tracklisting for the Young Vic’s “A Streetcar Named Desire”..

Other than the original score, here is a list of the other music pieces used…


The Seer - Swans
Peace In Mississippi - Earth
Troubled Waters - Cat…


The now sold-out run of Young Vic’s A Streetcar Named Desire has garnered praise and highly positive reviews for the cast, specifically Gillian Anderson in her role of Blanche DuBois.

We are thrilled to be hosting a screening of this fantastic adaptation on November 23 at 7:00PM. Don’t miss out!

Work in progress - Sept 2012 #photograph of #Highclere #castle transfer to #canvas Perhaps some pen & ink work on the back end. ? #art

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New Beginnings - Anna and Mr. Bates - Downton Abbey

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I personally don't think Thomas would blackmail anyone like that with information about their homosexuality. The reason he is so bitter is because of society's view of his own orientation and I think that, although it seems a little out of character for him to support anyone, Thomas would be protecting Baxter if that was the truth, not threatening her - he'd recognise that someone's in the same boat. (idk maybe i'm completely wrong but that's what i think)
loveunderlockandkey loveunderlockandkey Said:

I honestly didn’t even think of it from that perspective; I’m a bit ashamed of that to be honest. I’ve never been anti-Thomas… to the contrary, I’ve been fairly in the “he’s just misunderstood” camp, even through all of the dealings with Bates, et al. He’s just really trying to find his place in the world with the full knowledge that society is against him from the outset. I guess that’s why I’m more tolerant of his sabotage. I feel like he desperately wants to succeed, hoping that it will bring him a sense of peace and accomplishment in an effort to overcome the sheer loneliness of his situation. (Just thoughts of course. I obviously don’t live in Fellowes’ head as every week I constantly ask myself “WTF, really?!”)