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Ben de la Creme as Dame Maggie Smith

Well, Ruple - Ruple is it? - I understood virtually none of the words that left your lips moments ago. But I did hear the term  ”Twitter”, and I assume it’s some sort of a songbird?


When the bullshit level is so high you have to break the fourth wall


A friend of mine excused that by saying that the books vary from the show. (In my eyes, a death is a death homie. You ain’t coming back from that or being saved at the detriment of the author’s original purpose. Sorry.) Also, “not everyone reads the books.” I love this girl like crazy, but O.O. If it’s out there, it’s out there!

The worst has been a fandom acquaintance from another country. She started to annoy me with posts about Downton. Every other day it was a complaint about being spoiled because they had just gotten it (when the US was already on S3). We have lots of mutual English friends… who had already seen it months before.

It’s like I said, I’m sorry, but if it’s out there, it’s out there.

I don’t want to be overly rude or preachy about any of it, but there’s a certain amount of egoism & privilege in these statements. It just seems to be a whole lot of, “How dare you spoil this for ME” (though usually carefully worded to reference “the fandom” or “the fans”).

Honestly, if you were that big of a fan you would have found a way to watch or stayed offline.

All T, no shade, kids.

If I see one more person, and yes, some good friends, bitching and moaning about Game of Thrones being spoiled by social media, I swear…

And people think the US viewers are bad about Downton!

There is a certain amount of personal responsibility when it comes to social media, namely, if you can’t watch something when it is airing, keep off of social media or risk spoilers. End of. I understand that some people see it as providing a courtesy to others, but I’m not about to begrudge people wanting to discuss something they love. Yes, maybe it’s a bit crappy to be as pointed as saying as ‘Wasn’t it the bee’s knees how ________ died?!’ in a status update, but honestly. (Just an example. I’m not about to summon a pitchfork laden mob!) *insert massive eye roll here*

Spoilers, to me, equal plot details BEFORE an episode/movie airs, not after. In this digital age of immediate information, it doesn’t make sense to define them as anything but. Right?


Apparently channelling my inner Lady Jane by becoming quite the billiards shark!

Quite possibly the final Easter where I was taller than my younger siblings… #tbt #family


Make Me Choose | fallenmoongirl | Olive Snook or Ned "The Piemaker"

Of course that’d be a different universe and something else would probably suck.

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