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Big Kids - Alexa would be proud… then roll her eyes. #schubertrolls #sibling #movienight #theboxtrolls

Meanwhile Edith’s mind must be reeling with what icky sex games her parents must be up to.

Thank GOD Bricker said what we’ve all been thinking for years.

I hope Robert’s eyes have finally been opened!

Mrs. P should invest in Mr. Mason’s farm

… and then marry him

You have to understand, I love this show so much… I know it’s not a perfect show. The spit take scene is lame and the monkey motif is labored, but none of that matters! It does what a musical is supposed to do: it takes you to another world. And it gives you a little tune to carry with you in your head, you know? A little something to help you escape from the dreary horrors of the real world, a little something for when you’re feeling blue, you know?
The Drowsy Chaperone (via broadwaywolf)




I think Uncle Julian is coasting. He’s taken the initial, superficial appeal of Downton (i.e. the clothes, scenery, etc.) and carried it right on through the series, and it came to a head tonight. Instead of taking time to properly develop characters and stories, he just throws something pretty…

Yes to all of this!

Yes and amen. Not to mention that he realises people actually like to see romance between mature people so he throws in Lord Merton and Isobel instead of developing the romance that’s staring us all in the face.

Obviously this season was already in the can (finished filming) when the Radio Times ‘Favorite Downton Character’ quiz came about. My guess is that Hughsie coming in with over 30% of the vote singlehandedly gave old Uncle J a slight coronary.

What will be hilarious is if tptb actually think that Gillingham killing Green is a “shocker”… 

I’m afraid you’ve read somewhere that rudeness in old age is amusing.
Rosamund Painswick - Downton Abbey S5E5


You and me both, kitty :(

Downton Abbey S5E4 Molesley GPOY